Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tortellini In Brodo

Something simple.

This is quite the comfort food.

It's been a crumby day, nobody likes you, your last client gave you a rubber cheque, let's go down the list.

You need some "brodo".

This is an easy one. Just Ask my Niece.

After the "jump".

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The First Day of Xmas

Christmas. Love it or hate it. It's a necessary evil that really brings out the most pleasant aspects of people. Shopping in New York City only enhances this. Just another afternoon at Zabar's; a somewhat posh gourmet market. The food, fantastic. Pricing, reasonable, depending on what you're buying. The crowd.......

Well, that's always the problem. The Upper West Side Yenta/Goyim clashing with west bank Gaza strip violence, especially at the fish counter. From the head and not from the tail. Just ask Mr. Klein (rest his soul), you know me, you know what I want, please talk to this man, and the resulting arguement ensues. And fuggeddaboudit if you are two (2) ounces over.

And people wonder why I purchase pork products; it's not just that I'm from Northern Italy??? The sneers are wondrous, sometimes it's nice being an omnivore.

After all of that fuss, Tortellini in Brodo with Shanghai Cabbage.

For the soul........