Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why We're Fat Volume 4

Here we go again...

The Burger King X-Tra Long [Photo: BurgerBusiness]

"Look out, it’s spreading.
Burger King is expanding its line of triple-patty X-tra Long Chili Cheese burgers that it first began selling in Germany. The build includes chile-cheese sauce and jalapeños. The idea moved next into Austria and now has spread to The Netherlands.

The clever Dutch have even taken the horizontal burger idea one better, combing onion rings, cheese and barbecue sauce to make an X-tra Long Rodeo BBQ. If the BK Stuffed Steakhouse doesn’t work here, just know that Burger King has other ideas at the ready."

Well, it looks like the Burger King Corporation has done it again. In order to make sure that the world stays fat, Burger King has been test marketing these babies all over Europe. I have no idea how sales have been, but you can be sure that the executives over at BK can't wait to release these things in the good 'ole U.S. of A. as soon as all of the market research is done. Gotta keep all of those 'Mericans in their elasti-waist Wal-Mart sweat pants.

Those same corporate marketers have also seen fit to test market an American X-Tra Long Chicken Burger (gee, chicken is healthy, right??)  available in various parts of Asia (China, Thailand, the Philippines), as well as the Malaysian X-Tra Long Cheese Supreme, which contains burgers, A1 steak sauce, mayonnaise, and cheese. Since all of these "sandwiches" are experimental and still in the design, marketing, and developmental phases, there is no nutritional information available. None of these creations appear on the corporate web site or on any global menu. So, one can only imagine what kind of artery clogging happiness awaits if any of these are to be released on a world wide level.


After the jump, watch the German television advertisement for the "Chili Cheese Saus en vurige Jalapeños"

According to Google Translate, the slogan reads :

"See them now taste buds, for Eroticism"

Go figure.

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