Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why We're Fat Volume 5

Now it may appear that I have been singling out the Burger King Corporation over the past few weeks as a single evil entity, but not so.

Not to be taken as "second burger", the McDonald's Corporation has their own mega-sandwich that is sure to stop your heart dead in its tracks.

Behold :

The McDonald's® Double Prosperity Burger™

Happily served to you for this Year of the Rabbit.

Good fortune, prosperity, and artery clogging happiness all from the McDonald's Corporation.

Nothing says Chinese New Year quite like a foot long, six patty, cholesterol creation.

Only available in Malaysia, Kids. Only in Malaysia.

Check out the actual photos of the thing and a great description, after the jump.

Below is an actual photo of a Beef Double Prosperity with curly fries

Now, the Chicken Double Prosperity....

Click on the above link for a fabulous description of this experience.

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