Friday, July 1, 2011

Ice Cream!!

Well, July is here and that can only mean that it's

National Ice Cream Month!!!!

Now before everyone gets all creamy and celebrates, today, July 1st, is also National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day.

You thought you could simply enjoy ice cream without having to be creative, but not so! The good folks over at STOYN, a Russian design company, have come up with some innovative ice pops and flavors.

Behold :

Not to be outdone by the former Soviets, the Japanese have upped the ante.

Behold :
Image Oddee

Foie Gras and caviar Ice Cream

Che and the revolucion versus fattened goose liver and fish eggs??

Tough call.

Personally, my money's on Candied Bacon Ice Cream.

Image : Oddee

I do have my priorities, after all.

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