Saturday, July 23, 2011


The World's Most Expensive Potato!

The La Bonnotte Potato! 

Hailing from Noirmoutier, an island in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of the Loire region of western France, the La Bonnotte potato is considered to be culinary nirvana due to it's rarity and luxurious flavour. Since only about 100 tonnes of this noble potato are harvested annually, the La Bonnette can reach up to $322 USD per pound or about €1000 per kilo.

So, why the sticker shock for a potato?

Despite coming from a small remote island in the Atlantic, the La Bonnette must be planted in fields fertilized by seaweed and algae which is responsible for the potato's particular and highly desired earthy and salty flavour. Because this variety of potato is so delicate and rare, it must be harvested by hand and kept attached to the stem. All of this keeps the giant food conglomerates far away and allows this nearly extinct variety of potato to grace the tables of Europe's most posh restaurants. All thanks to the work of French potato lovers.

I doubt we'll be seeing these at McDonald's any time soon....

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