Tuesday, July 12, 2011



Photo : Barcroft

The Green Man Pub in Wellington, New Zealand went looking for a new beverage entry for the nationwide 14th Annual Monteith's Beer & Wild Food Challenge competition. Steve Drummond, co-owner of the Green Man Pub, got an idea after passing the nearby Christchurch Stallion farm.

Apple Flavored Horse Semen Shots!

According to Green Man Pub chef, Jason Varley, the horse semen drink known as “Hoihoi tatea” is particularly preferred by the female clientele. Most ladies down the stuff and afterwards make jokes about going home and getting their husbands to eat grass, or about the possibility of their children being born with long faces. Varley admits that he has tried horse semen himself and claims it tastes “ok”, “like custard”, but says it’s not very popular with men, in general.

Drummond advises his customers to shoot the sticky horse semen back in one gulp rather than attempt to sip the bizarre concoction.

So, the next time you're passing a stud farm in Kentucky, remember to have your apple flavored vodka handy.

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