Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Baby Carrots

Everybody loves them. They're so cute, so small, so tasty, so orange, so crunchy, so convenient, and, inexplicably, so uniform in size.


Why do they all look the same?

Why are there exactly the same number of them in every package??

Why won't rabbits even go near them???

Time to ruin your day.

"Baby Carrots" are not babies at all.

Yes, they are real carrots, but they are plain old regular adult-sized carrots that have been run through a milling machine that shaves and pares them down to marketing perfection. Some marketing genius was sitting around one day thinking, "what am I going to do with all of these old mutant-looking carrots that I have everywhere? I know! Slice and dice 'em down to very small bits and package them as 'baby-cut carrots'. Then, I can charge twice as much for the factory rejects! Brilliant!!"

Who's the sucker now?

Now, "real" baby carrots are knobby, gnarly, misshapen, stemmy, and utterly delicious. If your not growing them yourselves, many farmer's markets and roadside vegetable stands have them aplenty. Let's keep the local growers in business.

Since local farm-stand baby carrots are so good and don't need Madison Avenue, they don't need marketing gimmicks like this:

The Baby Carrot Xtreme Xrunch Game

To download the game for your iPhone, go HERE.

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