Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making It....

Well, since we spent yesterday talking about the health benefits of beer, what about making the stuff yourself?

Home brewing has become very popular in recent years with many an amateur brew-meister striving to become the next Adolph Coors.

Think you can take me on, punk?
Home brewing kits are available in all types and price ranges to meet virtually any beer aficionado's desires; just check out Home Brewing for everything you could possibly need.

Now, all of this "home brewing" is very well and good for those of us with the time, wherewithal, square footage, knack, savvy, lots and lots and lots of patience, and especially the stomach for sometimes lethal experimentation to create the very best late autumn harvest horseradish-beetroot amber bok.

Depending on your recipe and how carefully you measured out every hop to the exact micro-gram, maintained utterly sterile conditions, insured critically exact temperatures in your cooker, and waited around for a whole month, yes you read that right, one full month, you may wind up with mouldy skunky swill and have to start all over again.

So, what's a beer lover to do?

Well, WilliamsWarn has got you covered.

Ian Williams and Anders Warn have created the world's first personal home brewing machine!

Check out the Video!

For about $5,660.00 NZD, or $4,600.00 US, you too can have fresh beer on demand in the comfort of your own home in about a week, just like Adolph Coors and the rest of the commercial beer manufacturers.

This baby makes 23 litres, or six (6) US gallons, of your favorite brew in one weeks time. Just add some malt, yeast, water, fiddle with a few dials, and ice cold clear draft beer is your for the guzzling. And the best part, when you get low on beer, just bottle up the last six (6) litres in the machine and start another batch!!

Thanks to WilliamsWarn for making sure that we can live the dream and never run out of Beer!

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