Sunday, August 7, 2011


From China, to Persia, to Thomas Jefferson, to California, August is...

National Peach Month!

When dealing with Peaches, most people think of the quintessential "Georgia Peach", but, in reality, California produces 65% of the United States Peach crop. What Georgia has over California, in terms of Peaches, is the world largest Peach Cobbler, measuring eleven (11) feet by five (5) feet (3.3x1.5 meters).

But, the world largest Peach actually belongs to Gaffney, South Carolina and weighs over 10,000 pounds!

Sadly, it's the town water tower.

No cobbler for you.....

The term "you're a real Peach" comes from the tradition of giving a Peach to someone that you like.

Photo courtesy CafeMom

So, Give a Peach to your Honey today!

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