Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Since we've learned that beer is healthy and how to make it this week,
what about

The World's Most Expensive Beer?

Behold :

At about $800.00 USD for a twelve (12) ounce (355 ml.) bottle, Antarctic Nail Ale takes the cake. Only thirty (30) bottles have been brewed made from genuine Antarctic ice, the beer not the bottle, moron. Every penny of the sale of the beer goes to a charity opposing whaling in the Antarctic. Only thirty (30) bottle of this beer have been produced and, so far, only one (1) bottle has been sold at auction.

Now, all of this beer largess is well and good, but what about something a bit closer to my wallet on the Budweiser® scale?

I bring you my personal favorite :

This is NOT Photoshop-ed

Brewdog's "The End of History" is a Belgian style Blond Ale that goes for $765.00 USD a bottle. Each bottle comes encased in the body of an actual dead Squirrel or Weasel done by a professional taxidermist (I am not making this up, look HERE if you don't believe me). Only eleven (11) bottles have been produced thus far, four (4) grey Squirrels and seven (7) Weasels, all from road kill in Scotland.

Now, anything that has a stuffed Stoat as a beer cozy must pack a punch. Registering in at 50% alcohol by volume, this beer is also one of the world's strongest and should be more than enough to get you and your dead Squirrel on your merry way.

If road kill isn't your thing, you may want to try this :

Carlsberg Vintage 3, is truly the one of the most elegant of all the high-priced beers. Vintage 3 is the third (ya think?) in the venerable brew makers catalogue that has been aged in French Côte d'Or Oak Barrels, much like wine, and bottled with labels designed by prominent artists. Only one-thousand (1000) bottles of Vintage 3 have been produced for the reasonable price of $348.00 a bottle.

For a more domestic experience, you could try this :

Not to be outdone by their European counterparts, Samuel Adams has come out with the Samuel Adams Utopias. The Utopias is served in its own miniature copper plated kettle and served un-carbonated at room temperature for $100.00 USD per bottle. At about $12 an ounce this beer really packs a punch, especially at a liver destroying fifty (50) proof!

For those who prefer history over hype, you could try this :

Tutankhamun Ale claims to be made using the oldest recorded recipe for beer that was found in Queen Nefertiti's Temple of the Sun in Egypt. According to Cambridge University, this recipe dates to around 1300 B.C. and was produced initially as an experiment. Only one-thousand (1000) bottles were initially produced and the resulting brew was described as having a hazy, gold color, and tasting fruity, grainy, with caramel/toffee, sweet, spicy/astringent, and with a dry finish. All this for the ancient world bargain price of $52.00 USD per bottle. This works for my budget, almost.

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