Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coffee Ice Cream

On National Coffee Ice Cream Day,

What's one to do when there's no Coffee Ice Cream to be found???

Make your own!

Ghetto Style Coffee Ice Cream

Seriously, there are numerous recipes out there for those people with the time, patience, wherewithal, and expensive ice cream machines, but, when in doubt, go the go the Ghetto route.

Works every time....

A Cereal Bowl
A Soup Spoon


  • A pint of cheap Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Some Instant Coffee
Take the cheap Vanilla Ice Cream out of the freezer and let it soften up, about twenty (20) minutes, or you can "nuke" it in the microwave for ten (10) seconds if you need immediate gratification.

Using your Soup Spoon, place one large scoop of softened Ice Cream into the Cereal Bowl.

Using the Ice Cream covered Soup Spoon, sprinkle some Instant Coffee on top of the Ice Cream in the Cereal Bowl.

Add another scoop of Ice Cream and another sprinkle of Instant Coffee.

Let sit for five (5) minutes.

After five (5) minutes, either mix everything together and re-freeze for later; or, just do what I do, mix it a small bit and enjoy the texture difference of the partially dissolved slightly crunchy Instant Coffee and the smooth silky Ice Cream.


Simply substitute cheap Chocolate Ice Cream. And, by the way, this also works great with NestlĂ©'s Quik® for a mocha combination milkshake!

©2011 L. M. SorrĂ©, Wait At The Bar

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