Thursday, September 1, 2011


September First....

Possibly one of the most important days on the calendar.

Today, Wine Season begins.

No further explanation is needed there.

However, the first of September is also the start of Oyster Season!

Why September you may ask?

Well, it's the first month after the spawning season, May through August. The first month with an "R" in it, to prove the old wives tale of not eating Oysters in months that do not have an "R" in it. Wall Street was once paved in Oyster shells, due to their vast abundance in New York harbor and stocks doing a typical upswing after the summer doldrums, but, more importantly, September is time for the Oyster Festival in Galway!

The Swedes won last year with the Irish a close second. So, expect some serious competition this year.

But, what if you don't care for Wine or Oysters?

September also happens to be National Biscuit Month, National Papaya Month, National Mushroom Month, National Potato Month, National Rice Month, and National Chicken Month.

So there! Despite summer being over, September's got something for you...

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